Ching-Wen Hung | 洪靖雯 (HOSI)

Ching-Wen Hung is a PhD student from Communication and Multimedia Lab at Graduate Institute of Networking and Multimedia, National Taiwan University, advised by Bing-Yu Chen. Her current research interests focus on haptic interface, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), tangible user interface (TUI) and digital fabrication in the human-computer interaction (HCI) field.

Email: amie12349 [at]
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ElastOscillation: 3D Multilevel Force Feedback for Damped Oscillation on VR Controllers

Hsin-Ruey Tsai, Ching-Wen Hung, Tzu-Chun Wu, Bing-Yu Chen
To appear at CHI 2020 Paper

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Demonstration of ElastOscillation: A VR Controller Providing 3D Multilevel Feedback for Damped Oscillation

Ching-Wen Hung, Tzu-Chun Wu, Hsin-Ruey Tsai, Bing-Yu Chen
To appear at CHI 2020 Demo

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